Forest Harvest was founded in 2008 and became a charity in 2016 to help clients maximise the potential of their outdoor space, to grow their own food and fuel, as well as having an enjoyable space to have fun.

Having worked on different sized projects from small urban gardens with space of 10m x 10m to 1000 acre estates there is now a wealth of experience to call on.
You can see from the pictures of the projects they range from a small Derby garden made in 2011 (very proud of the Lutyen steps) to the larger scale forestry work done in 2014.

Work With Us - Derby

Work With Us - Winter

So whether you have a few acres or just a window box we are glad to help with the challenges you face in changing your space into an edible landscape that you can enjoy, please contact us.

A single question about gardening? Then please send it to us as we are glad to help if we can free of charge.

Resource Information

As well as designing a space for fuel, food and fun it is important to think also of preserving and encouraging more wildlife. Over the last 4 years I have been lucky enough to work on a Georgian walled garden which was attached to a large working farm. This Farm won National Conservation Awards so the regimes they followed for hedges, ponds and woodlands are worth noting.

Notes from a Working Farm Woodlands – Hedges, Hedgerow Trees, Woodlands and Ponds are the principles written by them but are equally relevant elsewhere.