About Us

Forest Harvest started as a forest garden planted in 1981 as an antidote to city living. This makes it one of the oldest forest gardens to visit in the UK.

Woodmill Workshop

The project has been registered with the Agro-forestry Trust since 2008 so visitors can organise trips to see our site and enjoy the other areas we use to demonstrate sustainable living.

Bees live in the small orchard to give us honey to eat, wax for light and will pollinate all our fruit trees and bushes for free.

Bee Hive in the Orchard

The raised vegetable beds demonstrate crop rotation and companion planting for bigger and healthier yields.

Big Marrow

Dye plants grow all around the site so we can teach how to harvest plants from the hedgerows to create unique and beautiful patterns on fabrics.

Dyeing Fabric

In September 2016 we became a charity, with our main aim to ‘Practice Sustainable Living’.
If you would like to get involved with Forest Harvest, you can become a friend so you can visit anytime or volunteer to help with one of our exciting developments in 2019:

  • Making an ice house
  • Converting an old stand-up piano to a solar drier
  • Build a stag beetle home in the woods
  • Help us to achieve our biggest challenge, to create an AD plant so we can boil a kettle from site waste

If you would like to visit the site, please see our calendar for more details.

Or you can get in touch to organise your own unique experience for your visitors.

Join Us?

Forest Harvest offers a venue and a forum of like-minded people to spread knowledge of the land and its culture; woodland and its crafts. It also offers an opportunity for instructors to earn and raise finance to develop their hobbies, and to turn skills into careers. Would you like to work with us?

Contact Us

If you’d like to know more about Forest Harvest, or would like to get in touch, please
contact us.