August 2018

Plans have been submitted to the Council to continue Forest Harvest’s work at Woodmill.

It’s hard to imagine the mud and flooded areas in April now, as the clay is rock hard and grass parched.

Fred has joined us on Mondays for his D of E community work. He is going to help build a Yurt and is designing and sourcing it on the site.
In the serendipitous way that things happen at Woodmill, Shake appeared a couple of Mondays ago and is generously sharing his amazing Greenwood knowledge and skills with us.
He has helped us build a Cleaving Brake and Saw Horse from reclaimed timber and has taught us ho to cleave and make fantastic Ash mallets.

Bumble bees moved into one of the bird boxes and as they have finally left we had a look inside!

August Open Day was another lovely day and despite the very dry weather it still looked good.

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