Patterned Tiles from Local Clay

  Patterned Tiles from Local Clay

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Since the Middle Ages this part of Staffordshire around the Forest Harvest site has been a centre for tiles and brick making. Suitable local clay and plenty of fuel from the Needwood Forest to fire the bricks made this area ideal. Such local names as Brick Lane, Brickley Village and Brick Kiln Wood give evidence to this. Small ponds also litter the countryside where clay has been removed leaving a water tight clay pit behind.

Local map

Forest Harvest want to celebrate this heritage by organising a half-day activity aimed at adults and children.

The aim is to mix the clay (really messy & fun), pattern the tiles (satisfying & creative) and then collect the fire wood to finish them (reward). A beautiful rustic tile of your own creation is produced.

You don’t need to copy the Pottery Throw Down.


Tutor: Nick Burton

Venue: The Woodland Workshop, Hadley End

What to bring:
A set of warm clothes that you don’t mind getting damaged, plus a waterproof and boots.
Hot drinks are provided all day with homemade biscuits.

Please contact us for more information and to book.