February 2017

After a frantic year obtaining planning permission for a National Forest Sign by the road, parking places, track and also wildlife pond, it has been great to get started on the hard landscaping. Thanks go to Tom and Eric from our local farm for getting stuck in making the track, it all looks fantastic.

Typically the warm weather brought out the bees to join in the fun.

The track hive may well have to move in the Spring!

A benefit of all this work, apart from being able to get the car up to the shelter, is fresh banks of soil to plant on. Only got as far as the car park bank with privet, dog wood and hawthorn and a few snowdrops but looking forward to seeing the trackside covered in wild flowers.

Small clumps of snowdrops do occur throughout Woodmill but sometimes find themselves in the wrong place. During and after flowering is a good time to transplant them to new areas.

The highlight of February, a result after 30 years of trying, MISTLETOE on our Bramley!