July 2018

Work was focussed mainly at Dovehouse during July to prepare for ‘Bloom’.
The Horsetail Equisetum arvense had caused the previous allotmenteers to abandon the site but the new residents are made of sterner stuff and we have been demonstrating the beneficial benefits of this ‘living fossil’.
Nick prepared a tea for BBC ‘Britain in Bloom’ presenter Chris Bavin, RHS judges and Rob from South Staffs Water and I used the fronds in a dyebath, revealing the results on camera!

Other areas of the City looked great for ‘Bloom’ too!

Judging day dawned hot and sunny to show all the projects in their best light. The cameras were there to film the actual judging and the judges enjoyed Claire’s Sunflowers and Nick’s Horsetail tea and Fat Hen scones.

Now the long wait until October to find out what colour medal we will have!

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