Local Honey

Our hives are located in the orchard at Woodmill to improve the crop of fruit through pollination and to give us some honey.

They are not moved to follow crops or farmed harshly. As far as possible they are left to their own devices to collect pollen and nectar from where they can.
In Spring they love the dandelions, in summer the willow herb and Autumn the brambles but we leave it up to them. The mechanism is still unknown but somehow local honey is anti-allergenic and improves digestion.

Each lady worker collects about half a teaspoon of honey in their lives, this means it takes the lifetime of 180 bees to make you a pound of honey.
Not bad value when you think of it like that.

We would like you to join us on one of our courses to learn more about bees but if you want a jar of honey to enjoy come along to one of our open days, or come to see us at a Fair.

Forest Harvest Products

Plants are also for sale:

A large part of demonstrating sustainable living is propagating and growing vegetables and plants for their various uses.
Any excess plants we grow are always available for a small donation.

If you have any excess plants please bring them along for a swap, or we can sell them at exhibitions to raise funds for our charity.