Summer 2016

The forestharvest adventure continued with a fantastic Summer, working through new courses and welcoming new foresters into the wood.

Egg Blowing
Egg blowing.

Clay Oven making was popular, especially Rupert’s Pizza base. Intriguing to dig the clay from the ground & have a communal tread, bit like grape harvest but with a free foot massage thrown in.
Treading the Clay
Mixing the Clay

Then to eat the pizzas topped with a few edibles from the  forest.

Enjoying the pizzas

Abundant clay under our feet in the wood has led to experimenting with clay tiles; impressions of leaves; intricate patterns using just a sharpened twig; natural dying. With the snags ironed out this will be a staple for next year’s kids parties. “Pizzas & Mud Pies”.

Firing the clay tiles

Development of ideas continues, a planning application has gone in to improve the track to get cars off the road in winter when the tracks become muddy, a sign at the entrance to show off our contribution to forest life and our part in the National Forest and a bit of map guidance for travellers on the National Forest Way which passes our entrance.

We also continue with research into the history of the piece of ancient woodland next door (thanks for the book Sue), and trips to see other evangelists like the Welsh Centre of Alternative Technology and Edible Landscapes London which were amazing (thanks Helen for showing us around).

Our little group grows with an anaerobic digester engineer, a natural dying and art teacher, a Forest School Practicioner.

Thanks Judith & Doug for the volunteering days, always fun.

If you would like to join us then get in touch and contact us.