Volunteer for the Day:
If you are looking for other hobbies and interests, or working with other like-minded people then try one of our volunteer days, everyone welcome. It is an opportunity to learn new skills or utilise old ones. It comes with as many drinks and homemade biscuits as you want.

Work With Us - BramblesClearing the orchard of brambles

Work With Us - Ducklings

If you are looking for greater involvement then may be manage the ducks on the pond.
These came naturally to the pond only two years after it was formed.

We are also looking for someone to make regular visits to record and photo fauna and flora.

These can then be recorded throughout the seasons.

Good eyesight is an advantage… smaller fingers even better!

Work With Us - Meadow ButterflySpot the Heath Butterfly

Work With Us - OwlSpot the Tawny Owl

We start the day at 10.00am, teas and refreshments are free all day but please bring your own packed lunch if you plan to stay for the afternoon.

The finish is whatever time suits you.

If we have your email we will let you know what project we plan to do on any particular day.

For more information contact us.

We also have a small test question, how would you deal with the nettles below?

Work With Us - Nettles